Iverness at Spartanburg

Upgraded Lighting without Disturbing Residents

Iverness at Spartanburg
an assisted living community
Spartanburg, SC
Project Type
Interior Lighting Upgrades
Payback Period
3.7 Years
Energy Reduction
134,055 kWh
The Problem

The Inverness at Spartanburg is a 100-bed assisted living community that also offers advanced memory care services. Like many older buildings, the residences at Inverness featured dated fluorescent lighting that left some areas dark and others bathed in unappealing bright lighting. The poor lighting presented safety concerns and created a depressing, hospital-like atmosphere.

I can’t believe how much better our residence looks and feels since Lumenant’s lighting upgrade for us. I wish all our buildings looked like this.”



The executive team at Inverness knew that having an appropriately lit facility was key to ensuring a high standard of care and to providing a comfortable environment for residents and their families during a difficult time. They also knew that upgraded lighting can dramatically reduce falls and increase the marketability of a building – but the thought of the time and effort it would take to upgrade the old building was daunting.

Having seen the dramatic transformation Lumenant had made at other sister campuses across their system, the Inverness executive team decided to engage with the Lumenant team to and modernize their building with long-lasting contemporary LEDs. Soon after moving forward, the project hit a speedbump: the nursing staff was afraid the project would disrupt residents and the day-to-day workflow. Then, the Inverness team learned about Lumenant’s rigorous approach to ensuring the comfort and safety of patients and the continued efficiency of staff and care operations during the entirety of the project. From that point on, the project sailed through to success. Over two three-day periods, Lumenant replaced 319 fixtures across all common areas, offices, and medical and service facilities with no disruption to normal work-flow and care procedures. The result is a building that performs better across all of the relevant project metrics: energy usage, cost profile, patient care and comfort, and staff satisfaction and efficiency.

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