Charleston Collegiate

Transformed classroom environment with upgraded lighting

Charleston Collegiate School
private school
Johns Island, SC
Project Type
Interior Lighting Upgrades
Usage Before
40,006 kWh
Usage After
23,691 kWh
The Problem

Charleston Collegiate School occupies a beautiful wooded campus on an island outside of Charleston. They have big plans for growth, but it’s difficult to attract students when kids can’t see what they’re reading. Their ancient fluorescent lighting was at the end of its life, with multiple burned out ballasts and lots of flickering bulbs. The headmaster knew the poor lighting was negatively impacting performance, but as a small private school with a limited capital budget, he didn’t think the school could afford to replace it.


Lumenant arranged for a lease that would replace the school’s lighting with new LED fixtures with a 15-year life.

The energy saved on a monthly basis essentially paid for the cost of the lease. The result is a major performance upgrade with no upfront cost. It’s an ideal solution for cash-strapped non-profits.

Moreover, the Lumenant crew replaced 218 interior lighting fixtures in a single weekend, so the school didn’t lose any classroom time. When the kids came back to school on Monday, it was like night and day.

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